Best Minecraft anarchy servers

I keep coming back to anarchy Minecraft servers. They’re just so much fun and it’s quite refreshing to play the game without all the pesky rules that servers tend to force you to follow. Well anarchy Minecraft shows the best and the worst of what a community has to offer, so I think it’s the most interesting mode of Minecraft to play. Without further ado, here are my favorite anarchy servers.

  1. Venture Vanilla
    Like it’s name suggests, it’s as close an experience to original Minecraft as it could be. There are no warp points, no tps, you cant set your home, so you’re forced to travel the world on foot, see the sights and experience the adventure of Minecraft. With an occasional combat with other players thrown in. There’s also a bragging system in it, since when you kill another player there’s a chance their skull will drop. With minimal rules and moderation you can truly make and shape this world as you please.
  2. StraightUpSurvival
    This is one of the best RUST impressions I’ve seen in Minecraft. As with most anarchy servers, there are pretty much no rules, with a threat of another player coming to conquer the land you’ve staked your claim to at any time. The pressure and fear make for a nice dynamic in this no-mans land. You should build up your defenses and prepare for players to come raid your fortress while you try to defend your stuff from their raids.
  3. Minewind
    This is an adult only server, made and curated by adult gamers for adult gamers. It offers an immersive gameplay with many incentives to play on this realm. There are many events such as the Fox Hunt which is about killing other players to reap the rewards. It features many other Seasonal, weekly and daily events making it one of the most content full servers I’ve ever seen. However at it’s core there’s a ruthless every man for himself anarchy server without admins, helpers, mods, with the only rule you are forced to abide by is no cheating.
  4. Purity Vanilla
    Like the first entry this server too focuses on a vanilla experience for it’s players. However this one is a lot younger of a server, so there are still alliances to be made or broken, friends to be found and rivals to be taken down. However a bit of a departure from the usual anarchy server style, this one does offer a grief protection, letting you avoid a bit of the usual chaos. It also features frequent updates and probably one of the best anarchy playing experience for players newer to this mode.

These are my favorite Minecraft anarchy servers. There are obviously plenty more out there, but these I’ve played on and enjoyed enormously.

The best Minecraft servers

I’ve been checking our Minecraft servers recently and thinking which server or gamemode to join etc and then it hit me. What are the best or at least good Minecraft servers? I mean from a standpoint of a player, what makes a good Minecraft server?

I went over a few Minecraft servers and really in my opinion its generally features and reliability. I wouldn’t want to play Minecraft server that goes offline every few hours or won’t be reachable for weeks simply because owner doesn’t care or have the means to keep it up and running. I know I’m asking for a lot but I don’t have much time to play lately and it’s not like I want to wait for a few days to play an hour or two with my friends.

With that being said it’s also important for the server to have at least decent features and good staff. Some servers nowadays are pretty much dead or outdated, some even have staff members that don’t care about players or zero support. And I’m not talking about giving random Minecraft players on your server diamonds, just handling the usual stuff so that the server is actually playable.

Going over Minecraft server list it’s pretty easy to find out Minecraft servers that have good or at least decent uptime, but I guess if you wanna see how the server is actually ran and how staff members are like you gotta join and play for a few days. It’s too soon now and I’ll probably get back to it, but I’m actually playing on a few Minecraft servers right now, it’s just too soon for me to say if they’re good or bad or something in between.

Security Craft Mod

Are you the one who always want to setup hard code and securing everything such as phone, home, … ? Or you are the one who want to crack code, try to break even the hardest pin-code ever ?? With this Security Craft mod, you’re allowed to do everything about securing or cracking !! Think about it, what if you could have more professional security systems in the world of Minecraft with so many crazy traps, tricks or even espionage based items?

This mod is definitely made for player who like playing spy and similar !! This mod contains a lot of awesome items that will make your fortress secure from stealer and intruders !! Example, there are keypads, reinforced doors, retinal scanners and more. I think you should check out your self because there still more cool items waiting for you. You must see the real explosive, traps, and other hidden dangers for your enemies!!

Hunger Strike Mod

All of Minecraft players should know that their character could starving to death, this is the most painful experience !! Think about it, your inventory are full of tools, weapons, materials, etc… but not a single piece of raw pork, chick or rotten flesh left to eat, you gonna die soon I swear !! Today, we present to you guys a mod called Hunger Strike – this will take care of this serious problem in Minecraft world by allowing players to control their own hunger bars. For detail, this show how long a bar lasts, how much food you must eat to fill a bar, or how much hunger it takes to sprint, and so many other benefits.

Of course, there is a adjustable config file, so players can settings for their own character’s hunger while using this awesome mod !! And you guys should notice that this is not just positive effects. This Hunger Strike mod could set the maximum hunger level at only half the full bar, and after that, players will never naturally refill the health bar with this mod installed. Players will have to farm materials and create/craft healing potions, which sound very tedious or even dangerous !! Instead, food items will fill the health bar directly, for only half the amount they could heal the hunger bar.

Moreover, this Hunger Strike mod allows players the settings of changing the stack size for their be-loved foods. For example, players could set the max stack size for the chicken meat to 256, giving you enough chicken meat in one inventory slot instead of taking up six to seven slots in original version of Minecraft!

Dessertcraft Mod

Today, we will introduce to you guys a mod called Dessertcraft. Just like its name, this Dessertcraft mod adds a number of dessert food item to the world of Minecraft. Normally, players can use wheat to make cones and then, fill them with ice cream, made from milk buckets. This Dessertcraft mod gives you another use for milk, which actually pretty nice !! Furthermore, there are a lot of other new food items to find and create, such as chocolate chips, snow cones, mint leaves and more. No flashy capes or other wonderful graphics here, just only adds plenty of dessert, but brilliant!

Players should remember that there is no food fills the hunger meter too much either. At either one and a half or even two and a half hunger bars per item, you still need to get more food than if you use them to make cookies or something else. Luckily, all of the new items are made from origin content which already exists in Minecraft’ Vanilla, so this Dessertcraft Mod doesn’t add many new content either. I swear that you would feel very hungry when you’re playing this mod!

And there is a saturation stat, foods which offer higher saturation make players feel fuller for longer time. Some food items such as pork chops, steaks and the like have high saturation. Because desserts are cheap and easy to make, so you could eat them all time, but for sure, these foods do not help you feel full longer than meat …

Reinforced Mod

If you’re bored with normal items, weapons in original version of Minecraft, and you want to upgrade them, improving to make it stronger, this Reinforced Mod is what’re looking for !! I believe that this mod is going to interest you. This Reinforced mod was only released in the very last month and there are still a lot of new updates planned in the coming days. With this mod, you can make reinforced diamond tools, what a fantastic feature !! Moreover, this reinforced tools work much better, chopping trees or breaking bricks faster while having a longer life with so many benefits beforce breaking. And you must remember this is not just a tool. You can equip a buffed up diamond sword and armor which brings far more protection, absolutely better than normal diamond gear.

From the planned updates in the near future, the creator of Reinforced mod said that this mod will contain a reinforced iron golem which could be even stronger and long-lasting than the normal beefy golem, which makes use of a reinforced iron black created with a standard iron black and 8 iron ingots. Furthermore, there is also a reinforced bow which makes ranged damage worthwhile, what an incredible improvement !! And its textures has changed too ! In detail, most of the new item recipes will replace normal sticks with iron ingots during crafting.

After using this mod, players could create items that last longer and more powerful for their own. This means, if you run into a great magic books, the enchantments will have a longer life as well, because they will be attached to tools, weapons or armor with a longer life for sure.

MrMeep_x3’s Shaders Mod

Today, we will introduce to you guys MrMeep_x3’s Shaders mod for Minecraft !! Not really like normal shader mods just improve the look of lighting in Minecraft, this MrMeep_x3’s Shaders mod actually brighten up the world of Minecraft considerably, adding realistic lighting effects, shadows, or simply change the color of the light. As we can see, this MrMeep_x3’s Shaders mod does more than most other shaders. It looks pretty nice with original version of Minecraft. However, it works just fine with some resource packs too, allowing for a high degree of customization. It’s really worth to check out.

This MrMeep_x3’s Shaders mod brings oranges, yellows, reds and more shades to the world of Minecraft that you’ve never seen before in this game. Because this MrMeep_x3’s Shaders mod added color effects, so this mod can cause some crash or glitch but very little. Remember, you guys should follow the instructions given at the mod website and this game will work normally. We highly recommend you guys to install the GLSL shader mod first to get this MrMeep_x3’s Shaders mod work properly !!

Simple Refinement Mod

Today we will introduce to you guys a mod called Simple Refinement mod for Minecraft 1.8 . Not all of mod needs to make a huge significant changes to Minecraft to be worth downloading and playing. A mod like Simple Refinement mod is a great utilities that take some of the hassle out of the world of Minecraft. The process which this mod provided is very simple, just take your gear materials such as iron and run them through your own furnace a second time. This task will add the refined tag to the item name, and when making tools by only refined ingots, the tools will absolutely be refined. The overall durability is up to 50% by this boosts, which could make diamond tools last longer but very little for gold tools as well.

The reason why gold tools don’t benefit very much in this mod since an extra 50% of a very small number is just a very small number too, so we can’t see clearly the benefit of this task. However, this Simply Refinement mod does make your tools last longer than before, so if you don’t want to change or break your tool rapidly, you might really appreciate this mod !! But you guys should remember that your gear will only get the refined bonus if you crafted them with refined ingots for sure. You can use refined and normal ingots interchangeably, but the thing is, you only get the refined bonus if ALL the materials have been refined before crafting, this is so important!

Zan’s Minimap Mod

Have you ever lost in the world of Minecraft ? I think the answer is definitely yes. The reason of getting lost is everything in Minecraft look the same. The trees, the rivers, the lakes .. all of them appear everywhere so you absolutely can’t find the way back home. But today, we will introduce to you guys an useful mod called Zan’s Minimap, adds a reliable, so easy to read minimap to the world of Minecraft !!

I can say that this map is 100 times better than using a normal compass and paper in the game, and if you’ve try some minimap mod, this map is very similar to another map called Rei’s Minimap. The best feature of this mod which make it better than that other mod though like plotting points, adding notes, further customization, colorful map, … And the radar mod makes Zan’s Minimap mod great for multiplayer as well!

In fact, the most useful feature of this mod is death marker, which creates a point on your minimap, mark the spot where you died last. This point makes getting back to your body and retrieving your item, gears, and other goods much easier. I don’t need to tell you how many time you loses everything you have after death, just because they can’t remember where they died :'( . So with this Minimap mod, everything after death become much easier than before.

Toomanyitems Mod

Today, we will introduce to you guys a mod called Toomanyitems which is especially a gift for players who love to build things in Creative Mode. Giant toilets that flush normally, working calculators, roller coasters travel into the sky and more things have been made in Creative Mode before. The reason why Creative mod so exciting and fun is the free access to limitless materials in this mode !!! On the other hand, think about what if you could get the access to everything while playing in Survival mode or even Hardcore mode ? As we can see, this task could make the game easier, you can get good weapons and armor, build your own bases faster, everything is so simple!

This Toomanyitems mod is a perfect Minecraft mod for players who want to get the features from Creative mode to play in every gameplay mode that they choose. This mod is the perfect utility for people playing in single player. The Toomanyitems mod allows players to get access to spawners, a list for storing the materials and items you want the most for quickly access, and you just press the “O” button while looking at your inventory and the window of everything will pop right up.

This mod also contain a trash can, which you can delete items from your inventory, or simply right click on it and delete items you click individually. This feature is so useful for players who love digging but don’t want to take a lot of dirt, cobblestone and useless junk they tend to procure while doing so.