The best Minecraft servers

15 October, 2022

The best Minecraft servers

I've been checking our Minecraft servers recently and thinking which server or gamemode to join etc and then it hit me. What are the best or at least good Minecraft servers? I mean from a standpoint of a player, what makes a good Minecraft server?

I went over a few Minecraft servers and really in my opinion its generally features and reliability. I wouldn't want to play Minecraft server that goes offline every few hours or won't be reachable for weeks simply because owner doesn't care or have the means to keep it up and running. I know I'm asking for a lot but I don't have much time to play lately and it's not like I want to wait for a few days to play an hour or two with my friends.

With that being said it's also important for the server to have at least decent features and good staff. Some servers nowadays are pretty much dead or outdated, some even have staff members that don't care about players or zero support. And I'm not talking about giving random Minecraft players on your server diamonds, just handling the usual stuff so that the server is actually playable.

Going over Minecraft server list it's pretty easy to find out Minecraft servers that have good or at least decent uptime, but I guess if you wanna see how the server is actually ran and how staff members are like you gotta join and play for a few days. It's too soon now and I'll probably get back to it, but I'm actually playing on a few Minecraft servers right now, it's just too soon for me to say if they're good or bad or something in between.