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The best Minecraft servers

I’ve been checking our Minecraft servers recently and thinking which server or gamemode to join etc and then it hit me. What are the best or at least good Minecraft servers? I mean from a standpoint of a player, what makes a good Minecraft server?

I went over a few Minecraft servers and really in my opinion its generally features and reliability. I wouldn’t want to play Minecraft server that goes offline every few hours or won’t be reachable for weeks simply because owner doesn’t care or have the means to keep it up and running. I know I’m asking for a lot but I don’t have much time to play lately and it’s not like I want to wait for a few days to play an hour or two with my friends.

With that being said it’s also important for the server to have at least decent features and good staff. Some servers nowadays are pretty much dead or outdated, some even have staff members that don’t care about players or zero support. And I’m not talking about giving random Minecraft players on your server diamonds, just handling the usual stuff so that the server is actually playable.

Going over Minecraft server list it’s pretty easy to find out Minecraft servers that have good or at least decent uptime, but I guess if you wanna see how the server is actually ran and how staff members are like you gotta join and play for a few days. It’s too soon now and I’ll probably get back to it, but I’m actually playing on a few Minecraft servers right now, it’s just too soon for me to say if they’re good or bad or something in between.

Can’t buy Minecraft!

I haven’t played minecraft in ages on pc. I completely forgot my account that I’ve had since alpha. Don’t have access to the email address or the transition id either. So I went to go buy a new account.

I registered for a new account, did all the security and went to the buy it said there was an error occurred and kicked me off the site. I then cannot log in on the site at all. I tried again with 2 different email addresses same problem happened. I have tried 3 different browsers the still wont let me log in.

I have sent an email to mojang help service and they said they are dealing with queries from 4th July. I’m not very patient when I really want to play a game.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Minecraft shaders 1.14.4

Just a few days ago we’ve got a question from our reader, asking if there are any shaders for Minecraft 1.14.4. We did some digging and a lot of interesting resources popped out but over all conclusion is that there are in fact many shaders for Minecraft 1.14.4 and most of them are stable.

It goes without saying that you’re best off if you also use OptiFine and good graphic card if you’re going to use resource intensive shaders.

One of the first shaders that actually got updated to 1.14.4 where Sildur’s Shaders.

Modding Minecraft

Here we go..

Years ago, I was a very active modded minecraft player. I initially used the FTB launcher, but eventually switched over to the ATLauncher. Are these still the best ways to mod?

I heard twitch made some sort of a modded minecraft launcher, but I don’t know too much about it. I just want to ask some questions before jumping back into it all.

  • What’s the best way to get into modded tech-packs nowadays? (AT Launcher, FTB Launcher, Twitch Launcher, Etc…)
  • Is the twitch launcher technical-friendly (i.e. can I add my own mods to packs/create custom packs?)
  • Is there still an active industrial mod community? My favourites are Buildcraft, Ic2, thermal expansion, MineFactory Reloaded, Etc… have mods like that been kept up to date?
  • The last version I played on was 1.7.10, has vanilla changed enough that I should spend some time looking into what’s changed, or is it easy enough to grasp just by playing?
  • Is there any useful info I should know about getting back into modding after all this time?

Thanks in advance to anyone that gives me some advice 🙂

If I have any other technical questions along the way, I’ll add them to this post.

Server world to realms world?

I just want to make a world on my realm that is actually in survival mode, has certain command blocks but doesn’t allow cheats. That’s my ultimate goal here.

I’m also trying to make a PVP slash anarchy world where players all spawn at a base then start from there to make it fun. To do this, I probably have to go on creative to design the full base and insert command blocks with commands such as /setworldspawn x y z, /worldborder set 10000 and so on.

But I don’t know how can I go from this to a survival world on my Minecraft realm? I’ve tried to get this to work a few times and, best case scenario, I can just upload it as a survival world but one with cheats, which would of course defeat the whole purpose.

Villager won’t get a job!

I’m playing Minecraft and we’re currently trying to restore a village overrun by zombies. We’ve added a few more villagers by healing zombie villagers but there was always one who refuses to get a job aka change profession.

We have a plenty of job changing blocks and I even have composters all over the village even tho it looks like a trash can now, but I need a farmer.

The problem is that one villager refuses to get a job. Anyone know why? Can Minecraft villager really live off welfare?

Entities despawning in Minecraft 1.14

I’m playing Minecraft 1.14 on my PC and I have a few problems with it.

Recently I’ve come back from mining trips to find that a lot of my animals and minecarts are despawning, I sent a minecart with a chest back to my house and went back to find the cart despawned.

I’ve lost 2 horses which were nametagged and tied to fences with leads and over 60% of my sheep have despawned, they are all within the boundaries so they don’t despawn.

I’ve heard Mojang is working on 1.14.1 update but still, this is super annoying. If anyone is still waiting to update to 1.14… don’t do it. At least not yet.

Spawn chunks not loading!

We’ve been playing on my own Minecraft server with some friends for about two weeks now, it is always on 24/7 on dedicated hardware. I’ve made a couple of farms in the spawn chunks, one sugar cane farm and a villager breeder.

The problem is both stop working as soon as I leave the spawn chunks, even after making a timer that drops an item into the nether like every 5 seconds, we’ve also tried a plugin that keeps chunks loaded, but that didn’t work.

Are there any other options or settings in Minecraft server that can be used to force loading spawn chunks? I’m kinda out of ideas…