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Villager won’t get a job!

I’m playing Minecraft and we’re currently trying to restore a village overrun by zombies. We’ve added a few more villagers by healing zombie villagers but there was always one who refuses to get a job aka change profession.

We have a plenty of job changing blocks and I even have composters all over the village even tho it looks like a trash can now, but I need a farmer.

The problem is that one villager refuses to get a job. Anyone know why? Can Minecraft villager really live off welfare?

Entities despawning in Minecraft 1.14

I’m playing Minecraft 1.14 on my PC and I have a few problems with it.

Recently I’ve come back from mining trips to find that a lot of my animals and minecarts are despawning, I sent a minecart with a chest back to my house and went back to find the cart despawned.

I’ve lost 2 horses which were nametagged and tied to fences with leads and over 60% of my sheep have despawned, they are all within the boundaries so they don’t despawn.

I’ve heard Mojang is working on 1.14.1 update but still, this is super annoying. If anyone is still waiting to update to 1.14… don’t do it. At least not yet.

Spawn chunks not loading!

We’ve been playing on my own Minecraft server with some friends for about two weeks now, it is always on 24/7 on dedicated hardware. I’ve made a couple of farms in the spawn chunks, one sugar cane farm and a villager breeder.

The problem is both stop working as soon as I leave the spawn chunks, even after making a timer that drops an item into the nether like every 5 seconds, we’ve also tried a plugin that keeps chunks loaded, but that didn’t work.

Are there any other options or settings in Minecraft server that can be used to force loading spawn chunks? I’m kinda out of ideas…