Modding Minecraft

3 December, 2022

Modding Minecraft

Here we go..

Years ago, I was a very active modded minecraft player. I initially used the FTB launcher, but eventually switched over to the ATLauncher. Are these still the best ways to mod?

I heard twitch made some sort of a modded minecraft launcher, but I don't know too much about it. I just want to ask some questions before jumping back into it all.

- What's the best way to get into modded tech-packs nowadays? (AT Launcher, FTB Launcher, Twitch Launcher, Etc…)
- Is the twitch launcher technical-friendly (i.e. can I add my own mods to packs/create custom packs?)
- Is there still an active industrial mod community? My favourites are Buildcraft, Ic2, thermal expansion, MineFactory Reloaded, Etc… have mods like that been kept up to date?
- The last version I played on was 1.7.10, has vanilla changed enough that I should spend some time looking into what's changed, or is it easy enough to grasp just by playing?
- Is there any useful info I should know about getting back into modding after all this time?

Thanks in advance to anyone that gives me some advice

If I have any other technical questions along the way, I'll add them to this post.