Best Minecraft anarchy servers

I keep coming back to anarchy Minecraft servers. They’re just so much fun and it’s quite refreshing to play the game without all the pesky rules that servers tend to force you to follow. Well anarchy Minecraft shows the best and the worst of what a community has to offer, so I think it’s the most interesting mode of Minecraft to play. Without further ado, here are my favorite anarchy servers.

  1. Venture Vanilla
    Like it’s name suggests, it’s as close an experience to original Minecraft as it could be. There are no warp points, no tps, you cant set your home, so you’re forced to travel the world on foot, see the sights and experience the adventure of Minecraft. With an occasional combat with other players thrown in. There’s also a bragging system in it, since when you kill another player there’s a chance their skull will drop. With minimal rules and moderation you can truly make and shape this world as you please.
  2. StraightUpSurvival
    This is one of the best RUST impressions I’ve seen in Minecraft. As with most anarchy servers, there are pretty much no rules, with a threat of another player coming to conquer the land you’ve staked your claim to at any time. The pressure and fear make for a nice dynamic in this no-mans land. You should build up your defenses and prepare for players to come raid your fortress while you try to defend your stuff from their raids.
  3. Minewind
    This is an adult only server, made and curated by adult gamers for adult gamers. It offers an immersive gameplay with many incentives to play on this realm. There are many events such as the Fox Hunt which is about killing other players to reap the rewards. It features many other Seasonal, weekly and daily events making it one of the most content full servers I’ve ever seen. However at it’s core there’s a ruthless every man for himself anarchy server without admins, helpers, mods, with the only rule you are forced to abide by is no cheating.
  4. Purity Vanilla
    Like the first entry this server too focuses on a vanilla experience for it’s players. However this one is a lot younger of a server, so there are still alliances to be made or broken, friends to be found and rivals to be taken down. However a bit of a departure from the usual anarchy server style, this one does offer a grief protection, letting you avoid a bit of the usual chaos. It also features frequent updates and probably one of the best anarchy playing experience for players newer to this mode.

These are my favorite Minecraft anarchy servers. There are obviously plenty more out there, but these I’ve played on and enjoyed enormously.