Hunger Strike Mod

All of Minecraft players should know that their character could starving to death, this is the most painful experience !! Think about it, your inventory are full of tools, weapons, materials, etc… but not a single piece of raw pork, chick or rotten flesh left to eat, you gonna die soon I swear !! Today, we present to you guys a mod called Hunger Strike – this will take care of this serious problem in Minecraft world by allowing players to control their own hunger bars. For detail, this show how long a bar lasts, how much food you must eat to fill a bar, or how much hunger it takes to sprint, and so many other benefits.

Of course, there is a adjustable config file, so players can settings for their own character’s hunger while using this awesome mod !! And you guys should notice that this is not just positive effects. This Hunger Strike mod could set the maximum hunger level at only half the full bar, and after that, players will never naturally refill the health bar with this mod installed. Players will have to farm materials and create/craft healing potions, which sound very tedious or even dangerous !! Instead, food items will fill the health bar directly, for only half the amount they could heal the hunger bar.

Moreover, this Hunger Strike mod allows players the settings of changing the stack size for their be-loved foods. For example, players could set the max stack size for the chicken meat to 256, giving you enough chicken meat in one inventory slot instead of taking up six to seven slots in original version of Minecraft!