Dessertcraft Mod

Today, we will introduce to you guys a mod called Dessertcraft. Just like its name, this Dessertcraft mod adds a number of dessert food item to the world of Minecraft. Normally, players can use wheat to make cones and then, fill them with ice cream, made from milk buckets. This Dessertcraft mod gives you another use for milk, which actually pretty nice !! Furthermore, there are a lot of other new food items to find and create, such as chocolate chips, snow cones, mint leaves and more. No flashy capes or other wonderful graphics here, just only adds plenty of dessert, but brilliant!

Players should remember that there is no food fills the hunger meter too much either. At either one and a half or even two and a half hunger bars per item, you still need to get more food than if you use them to make cookies or something else. Luckily, all of the new items are made from origin content which already exists in Minecraft’ Vanilla, so this Dessertcraft Mod doesn’t add many new content either. I swear that you would feel very hungry when you’re playing this mod!

And there is a saturation stat, foods which offer higher saturation make players feel fuller for longer time. Some food items such as pork chops, steaks and the like have high saturation. Because desserts are cheap and easy to make, so you could eat them all time, but for sure, these foods do not help you feel full longer than meat …