Monthly Archives: May 2020

Reinforced Mod

If you’re bored with normal items, weapons in original version of Minecraft, and you want to upgrade them, improving to make it stronger, this Reinforced Mod is what’re looking for !! I believe that this mod is going to interest you. This Reinforced mod was only released in the very last month and there are still a lot of new updates planned in the coming days. With this mod, you can make reinforced diamond tools, what a fantastic feature !! Moreover, this reinforced tools work much better, chopping trees or breaking bricks faster while having a longer life with so many benefits beforce breaking. And you must remember this is not just a tool. You can equip a buffed up diamond sword and armor which brings far more protection, absolutely better than normal diamond gear.

From the planned updates in the near future, the creator of Reinforced mod said that this mod will contain a reinforced iron golem which could be even stronger and long-lasting than the normal beefy golem, which makes use of a reinforced iron black created with a standard iron black and 8 iron ingots. Furthermore, there is also a reinforced bow which makes ranged damage worthwhile, what an incredible improvement !! And its textures has changed too ! In detail, most of the new item recipes will replace normal sticks with iron ingots during crafting.

After using this mod, players could create items that last longer and more powerful for their own. This means, if you run into a great magic books, the enchantments will have a longer life as well, because they will be attached to tools, weapons or armor with a longer life for sure.