Monthly Archives: March 2020

Simple Refinement Mod

Today we will introduce to you guys a mod called Simple Refinement mod for Minecraft 1.8 . Not all of mod needs to make a huge significant changes to Minecraft to be worth downloading and playing. A mod like Simple Refinement mod is a great utilities that take some of the hassle out of the world of Minecraft. The process which this mod provided is very simple, just take your gear materials such as iron and run them through your own furnace a second time. This task will add the refined tag to the item name, and when making tools by only refined ingots, the tools will absolutely be refined. The overall durability is up to 50% by this boosts, which could make diamond tools last longer but very little for gold tools as well.

The reason why gold tools don’t benefit very much in this mod since an extra 50% of a very small number is just a very small number too, so we can’t see clearly the benefit of this task. However, this Simply Refinement mod does make your tools last longer than before, so if you don’t want to change or break your tool rapidly, you might really appreciate this mod !! But you guys should remember that your gear will only get the refined bonus if you crafted them with refined ingots for sure. You can use refined and normal ingots interchangeably, but the thing is, you only get the refined bonus if ALL the materials have been refined before crafting, this is so important!