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Zan’s Minimap Mod

Have you ever lost in the world of Minecraft ? I think the answer is definitely yes. The reason of getting lost is everything in Minecraft look the same. The trees, the rivers, the lakes .. all of them appear everywhere so you absolutely can’t find the way back home. But today, we will introduce to you guys an useful mod called Zan’s Minimap, adds a reliable, so easy to read minimap to the world of Minecraft !!

I can say that this map is 100 times better than using a normal compass and paper in the game, and if you’ve try some minimap mod, this map is very similar to another map called Rei’s Minimap. The best feature of this mod which make it better than that other mod though like plotting points, adding notes, further customization, colorful map, … And the radar mod makes Zan’s Minimap mod great for multiplayer as well!

In fact, the most useful feature of this mod is death marker, which creates a point on your minimap, mark the spot where you died last. This point makes getting back to your body and retrieving your item, gears, and other goods much easier. I don’t need to tell you how many time you loses everything you have after death, just because they can’t remember where they died :'( . So with this Minimap mod, everything after death become much easier than before.