Toomanyitems Mod

Today, we will introduce to you guys a mod called Toomanyitems which is especially a gift for players who love to build things in Creative Mode. Giant toilets that flush normally, working calculators, roller coasters travel into the sky and more things have been made in Creative Mode before. The reason why Creative mod so exciting and fun is the free access to limitless materials in this mode !!! On the other hand, think about what if you could get the access to everything while playing in Survival mode or even Hardcore mode ? As we can see, this task could make the game easier, you can get good weapons and armor, build your own bases faster, everything is so simple!

This Toomanyitems mod is a perfect Minecraft mod for players who want to get the features from Creative mode to play in every gameplay mode that they choose. This mod is the perfect utility for people playing in single player. The Toomanyitems mod allows players to get access to spawners, a list for storing the materials and items you want the most for quickly access, and you just press the “O” button while looking at your inventory and the window of everything will pop right up.

This mod also contain a trash can, which you can delete items from your inventory, or simply right click on it and delete items you click individually. This feature is so useful for players who love digging but don’t want to take a lot of dirt, cobblestone and useless junk they tend to procure while doing so.